EXCLUSIVE: World wide "curb appeal" continues

From Memphis to Milan, Southaven to Shanghai, our story about bikini-clad women cutting Mid-South lawns is making worldwide headlines.

Tiger Time Lawn Care has become a hit in print, online and on television and radio stations across the globe.

It was an overnight sensation from coast to coast with beauties in bikinis shaping lawns and landscapes in Memphis.

The story was also picked up in papers like the Washington Post and USA today .

It made worldwide headlines as well in places as far away as China and India.

"One guy from California has asked me to come and see him and I said no," said Blair Beckman.

Beckman says her Myspace page has been flooded with email. People everywhere complimenting not her love of lawns, but her body in a bikini.

Beckman added, "they've seen me on the news, I was hot and all this other stuff so it's alright."

Alright for Blair and alright for Tiger Time Lawn Care who didn't get the international attention until our story aired.

"When WMC channel 5 did theirs it took off around the world," said Owner Lee Cathey.  "I did two interviews in Australia, one in New Zealand and I even had the BCC call and we did one in Europe. I had a guy from New Zealand call after I did the radio interview wanting me to come cut his grass," he added.

The newfound fame gave Tiger Time more work and a need for more girls. But two recent hires were too embarrassed to do the bikini cuts so Tiger Time is still searching for the next shapely body ready to bare a bikini.

"It'd be good to have more girls out here so there will be more of a variety to look at," said Blair.

So what about male tigers showing skin with the lady tigers?

Cathey adds, "nobody's called and requested it. If it comes up and they request it by gosh we'll find a way to do it."

For now, it's the signature bikini cut that's re-shaping lawns and turning heads in Memphis while gaining international attention.


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