Coroner's report released in shooting death of W. Memphis boy

Action News 5 obtained a copy of the coroner's report from the DeAunta Farrow investigation.

Farrow is the 12-year-old boy shot to death last month by a West Memphis police officer.

Farrow's family has seen the autopsy report.  They have been waiting for this and the report from the Arkansas state police for a month. They are getting impatient.

Farrow died after a West Memphis police officer shot him because he thought he had a gun. It turned out to be a toy.

The autopsy report shows Farrow was shot twice, once in the leg and the fatal wound--a bullet to his chest.

Special prosecutor H.G. Foster said he can't give details but he does have the Arkansas State police report and it is seven or eight inches thick.

"There's a lot there. But there's not nearly as much as there is going to be. We've contacted the FBI and are going to try to get all the information we can get from them that they have generated and have requested some items from the crime lab," said Foster.

Foster said it will be quite a while before he and the other special prosecutor complete their report.

Thaddeus Matthews, a spokesperson for Farrow's mother said she thinks they are stalling.

"Our thoughts have actually been is that there is a purposely intent to string it out so that some of the concern about the issue dies down," said Matthews.

West Memphis police officer Erik Sammis shot the teenager. Sammis said he thought Farrow was pointing a real gun at him and he did not realize he was a 12-years-old.

"What the community thinks they know is not the facts. That night is haunting me and my family," said Sammis.

The special prosecutors will decide if Sammis should be prosecuted for the shooting.

The special prosecutor is based in Little Rock and said he hopes to visit West Memphis next week to talk with Farrow's family.

He also plans to visit the scene where DeAunta died.

A spokesperson for Farrow's mother said she won't talk with the special prosecutor without her attorney present.

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