Dogs in alleged puppy mill remain in veterinarian's custody

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (AP) - A court has granted a temporary injunction requiring the more than 130 dogs that were seized by the county humane society to remain with their veterinarian.

Mary Fair is accused of running an unlicensed puppy mill and is fighting in court to get back the dogs that were taken by the Gibson-Obion Humane Society.

Obion Circuit Court Clerk Harry Johnson said the dogs are going to stay with veterinarian Bob Page at his facilities in Dresden.

The decision came after a hearing yesterday that pitted the humane society against Fair, who's accused of animal cruelty and breeding the dogs for sale without a license.

Sheriff's officials and the humane society seized the dogs from Fair's property on July 15th after receiving complaints the animals were being mistreated.

The humane society originally housed the dogs at the Dyer County fairgrounds, but the dogs were delivered to Page on July 20th under court order.

Fair has waived formal arraignment and is slated to go to trial on the charges on August 2nd. Fair's attorney has denied all the charges.

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