Mid-South teen crashes truck, found in secluded area hours later

A Mid-South teenager spent six hours waiting to be discovered after crashing his pickup truck into a secluded wooded area.

The accident happened Saturday morning in Greene County, Arkansas.

Police got a 911 call from the 17-year-old driver Joel McCracken. But he couldn't tell police where he was.

He got ahold of his family, too, but could only say he could hear traffic.

It turns out McCracken was only 150 feet from Highway 49, one of the busiest roads in Greene County.

He was also right next to a salvage business which caused his wrecked truck to blend in with the other vehicles.

"They finally got the cell phone ping from the phone company and done a little bit of work with that and still couldn't get us close enough to find him, they got us in the general area," said Corporal Mike Carter with the AR State Police.

Authorities finally found McCracken six hours later and he was airlifted out and is expected to be fine.

There's no word yet on the cause of the accident, but police did find alcohol in the 17-year-old's truck.