"321 Creeper" faces multiple burglary charges

He's known as the "321 Creeper" and now he faces more than half a dozen burglary charges.

Police said Robert Miles not only broke into several homes but they said he also performed sex acts in some of those homes.

Marcus Hampton said three weeks ago Robert Miles broke into the home Hampton shares with his girlfriend's family.

"I guess he snatched the door off the hinges right here and cut the window out and stuck his hand in there and unlocked the door," explained Miles.

The break-in happened around 3:00 in the morning. Relatives said a cousin heard Miles and woke up.

Demetrice Sanders added, "that's when we heard her hollering and so when she was hollering he was standing over her."

As other family members woke up and started heading toward the noise, relatives said Miles bolted out of a back door.

"He was touching on my little cousin," said Sanders.

Police said Miles committed another break-in several weeks later at a home in the same neighborhood but in that crime the victim was able to help police come up with information that led to Miles being picked out of a lineup.

"I hope they hold him, I hope they give him time he don't need to be out on the streets," Sanders said.

Police said under questioning, Miles admitted to seven break-ins in the same neighborhood during the month of July.

According to investigators, Miles said he never touched any of the victims but he did admit to performing sex acts in several of the homes.

Miles got the name "321 Creeper" because the homes he's accused of breaking into are located in voting Ward 321.

Right now officers are checking to see if Miles may be linked to some other break-ins around Memphis.


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