Woman fights for her life after falling from semi-truck in Whitehaven

A woman is fighting to stay alive after she was either pushed or jumped from a semi-truck. It happened early Monday morning in the 1000 block of Marlin.

The search is on for a white semi-truck that was spotted in the Whitehaven area Monday night.

A woman who was seen in the vehicle is in critical condition at the hospital right now and the truck's driver may be the key to how she got injured.

Around 3:00 this morning, the woman was seen walking down a stretch of Marlin Road near Elvis Presley Boulevard in Whitehaven.

A witness told police that the woman was talking to a man driving a white semi truck. According to the witness, the woman either jumped or was pushed from an open door on the cab of the truck.

Right now, investigators are trying to determine if the woman was injured through some sort of foul play.

"Ah, the truck let the scene and we are still trying to identify who the driver was and that is crucial in this point because that will help us find out what were the circumstances as to this female falling to the ground," said Monique Martin with the Memphis Police Department.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the truck and its driver. Officers say so far the woman has been too injured to talk.

Investigators hope she can provide information about what really happened inside that truck.

If you know anything about this incident, the injured woman or the semi-truck driver call crime stoppers at 901-528-CASH.


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