Chopper 5 pilot considers safety top priority

The recent incidents of crashes and emergency landings involving helicopters may have you wondering what type of safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of those who fly and those on the ground.

Pilots across the nation feel terribly about what happened in Phoenix and elsewhere. But think about how many news helicopters are in the air each day.

Action News 5 reporter Jason Miles spent the day with Chopper 5 pilot Mark Eoudreau to get a firsthand look at flying safety measures.

Sitting behind the controls in Chopper 5, is second nature for Eoudreau, taking his safety for granted is not.

"You know safety is prevalent for everything. It overrides every single thing we do," said Eoudreau.

Eoudreau flew for the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq but news presents it's own challenges.

Eoudreau said it's easy to get sucked in while hovering over a high speed chase, but he remains in  constant contact with everyone onboard and others in the air.

"We're all a crew out there, so if something doesn't seem right, we'll raise our hand at that point, adjust and do whatever have to do," he added.

Before even taking off, there's always a safety check. It may get monontonous but it could make the difference in getting back on the ground in one piece.

Eoudreau added, "no news is worth being on the news."

Covering the news safely is his main mission.


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