New reality show offers a shot at solving real crimes

Perhaps you're a huge fan of Law and Order, but do you have what it takes to solve a real murder?

A new reality show gives real people a chance to solve real crimes.

Spike TV's new reality show "Murder" takes a team of real people inside real murder cases.

"My case was a 12-year-old stabbing victim, a girl. And it was very disturbing," said contestant Chris Plumlee.

By day, Plumlee, a Southaven resident, is a healthcare executive. But now he's been closer to murder than he ever dreamed.

Plumlee added, "when you walked in the house, and you went down the corridor, I saw a body laying in the floor, and just went, Oh my God!"

The crime scene is re-created to the minute detail--even the touch, feel, and smell of the body.

Two teams of three people each have 48 hours to gather evidence and finger a suspect.

Plumlee said it's given him a new look at life and death, "to do that job, and you find people who've been passed for a week or a month, and then you put a kid on it. That's what got to me, and there's just no way I could do it."

"Murder" premiers Tuesday night on Spike TV, and you can catch Chris' episode mid-August.

The team that comes closest to solving the crime has a donation made in their names to a murder victim's charity.


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