Police nab and charge South Bluff home invasion suspect

Police say he killed a man in Minnesota, then punched a police officer in West Memphis. Now, Johnny Tate is back behind bars, facing charges he bound and gagged a Memphis couple, stole their Cadillac SUV's, and then took off across state lines.

The South Bluff home invasion on Saturday shocked neighbors.

"This was startling. It happened in our very own neighborhood. I was startled," said one neighbor.

Investigators charged Johnny Tate, a sex offender in Minnesota, and Brenda Robinson.

Robinson is described as his girlfriend with a string of crimes including the violent South Bluff's Home invasion.

Police said a man and a woman broke into the house, tied up the elderly couple at gun point and then robbed them.

More than $100,000 worth of jewelry and household goods were stolen from the house. The crooks also took two Cadillacs.

The cars were tracked to a house in West Memphis where police said Tate's relatives live.

"He is a suspect. They have found items that connect him with the Memphis home invasion robbery," said Mike Allen with West Memphis Police Department.

Tate is also a suspect in a crime in West Memphis last month.

Police tried to stop him for not stopping at a stop sign. When he finally stopped, police said Tate was armed. He jumped out and started running.

"Next thing I know he took off her went down through here and went back there that's the last we seen of him," said Angela Williams, who witnessed the incident.

When West Memphis police finally caught up with Tate, he hit an officer. Tate knocked the officer to the ground and then ran-- getting away until his capture and in Jonesboro Arkansas.


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