District Attorney calls for TBI investigation into "Nappi by Nature" incident

There are new developments in the controversy between several Memphis police officers and a business accusing them of brutality.

Amid accusations of police intimidation, District Attorney Bill Gibbons is calling on a state investigation of this case.

Meanwhile, the owners of the Nappi By Nature salon say they fear for their lives.

After a court appearance Friday, Nappi by Nature salon owner, Sefu Uhuru, said one of the officers involved in the case tried to intimidate his group in the halls of General Sessions Court.

"He even had the audacity to give me a smile and a wink and a nod," said Uhuru.

In May, three Memphis Police officers arrested Uhuru, his wife Azabash, and three others outside the couple's salon.

They say Lieutenant Michael McCord and Officers Billy Gray, and Steven Grigsby assaulted them.

The officers say it was the other way around.

District Attorney General Bill Gibbons says if the Uhurus have any new claims, they should report it.

"If they feel that they were being harassed in any way by anybody in the police department, they need to report that to the Internal Affairs Department of the Police Department to be handled," said Gibbons.

Gibbons called for a state investigation. "I felt, given the different versions of what happened, we needed further investigation of this matter and I felt the TBI was the appropriate agency to do that," he added.

The Uhurus are glad he made the move, but they're concerned about how the case was presented to the courts.

Uhuru added, "the affidavits on all of our arrest tickets, it lists the officers as the victims. None of them were bruised, none of them were scratched, none of them had their hair pulled out like my wife did or children kicked in the stomach or anything."

"I am hoping that we are exonerated of all these charges and all of these charges thrown out as soon as possible because this is having a grave effect on our lives," said Azabash Uhuru.

Gibbons moved the court date to October to await the TBI's findings.

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