Controversial Memphis attorney pulls a gun on man downtown

The man accused of being the brains behind a so-called sex-plot against Mayor Herenton spent time in the back of a Memphis police car Thursday night.

In an exclusive interview with Action News 5, Richard Fields said it all started when he parked to make a stop at a bank downtown.

"I looked and he had a knife," he said.

According to Fields, the man was standing in front of a furniture store holding a red handled jack knife with a four inch blade.  Fields said the man was holding it at his waist, looking at people as they walked by.

Fields was concerned.

"I said, 'Well maybe if I show him my gun he'll go away.'"

When Fields showed his gun, the man did walk away, but he soon came back with a woman he identified as his sister.  The woman said she wanted to call Police, but before she could, an officer walked by.  More officers were dispatched to the scene, and Fields and the other man were questioned.

The man refused to press charges, and Fields was let go.

Fields, the alleged brains behind the sex plot against Mayor Herenton, said he knew the incident would make news.  Fields said he envisioned headlines like "Attorney involved in sex plot pulls gun on man" when he decided to show his gun.

"All of that ran through my mind," he said.  "But I couldn't let somebody get stabbed.  I couldn't do that."

Fields said police never found a knife on the man. He suspects the man got rid of the knife when he first walked away after seeing Fields' gun.

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