Police on the look-out for W. Memphis bank robber

Police say a bold bank robber was caught on tape and now theye need your help to track him down.

The crook got away with the loot and investigators say he may be headed west to Crittenden County or east to Memphis.

It all happened at Regions Bank on Broadway in West Memphis at 8:45 Friday morning--15 minutes before the bank opened.

"He had in his hand what appeared to be a white plastic sack, kind of sack from Wal-Mart or Fred's Dollar Store that they use in the store's nowadays for grocery," said West Memphis Police Chief Mike Allen.

There was something else inside the sack. Investigators said the man walked into the bank holding a white box. When he got into the bank he told the teller it had a bomb in it.

West Memphis police said the man walked out of the bank with the money. He came around the building and threw the red dye pack against the building.

"we did discover clothing that we believe he was wearing during the robbery in a dumpster at an auto parts store near the bank."

West Memphis Deputy Chief Mike Allen said the man apparently had another set of clothes on. He then walked across the street and got away.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking away from the bank after the robbery.

Investigators said there was nothing in the box. The suspect got away with a few thousand dollars.

West Memphis police and the Safe Streets Task Force in Memphis are investigating the case.

If you know anything that might help investigators solve this crime call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.


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