Police bust city employee for selling drugs out of work truck

A Memphis city employee is charged after police busted him selling drugs out of a city truck.

It was an unexpected twist in the latest Blue Crush sting. The person police brought in during their drug roundup ended up being a city employee.

Police say no one is above the law.

Blue Crush, is an ongoing Memphis Police sting aimed at wiping illegal drugs off city streets.

"Darius Patton was arrested by city police while on duty and in responsible charge of a city vehicle," said Memphis Public Works Director Jerry Collins.

Court documents show Patton's charged with using and possessing marijuana with intent to sell. Patton was on duty in a Memphis Public Works barricade truck when an undercover Blue Crush officer made the arrest.

Public Works Director Jerry Collins says that's a problem. "We certainly have policies in place that are strictly against using drugs, but humans make mistakes," Collins added.

Patton works as a night watchman at the Collins Yard location.

Overnight, he patches up public works problems before the main crews arrive the next day. But this time, police say he had another plan.

Collins added, "Public Works has 1,200 people. Good people. Occasionally, one of them does something that shouldn't be done and when that happens, our tolerance is very low."

But Patton is back on the job because he hasn't been convicted of anything.

"He was drug tested and tested, and tested negative," said Collins.

Collins said the city administration is conducting its own investigation.And they should come to a swift decision on how to handle this.

Patton is due in court next Thursday.


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