Police find chop shop operation at Southeast Memphis home

Police have arrested two men and plan to charge them for a suspected chop shop in their backyard. The interesting part of this story is how police discovered it.

Memphis Police responded to gun shots fired on Bondale Avenue in Southeast Memphis Friday afternoon. The people shooting were firing the guns in the air.

What police do know is what they found in the backyard was a shock to all.

"The officers went in the backyard and observed what appeared to be a functioning chop shop," said Lt. Andy Luckett with Memphis Police Department.

A chop shop is where vehicles are stolen, their parts stripped and then sold. Officers recovered six vehicles at the house. Two of the vehicles recovered were stolen.

"One of them had been partially stripped. The other looks possibly like it could lead to an insurance fraud case from a couple of years ago," added Luckett.

That's not all police found in the backyard. They also recovered three rifles and two handguns. Those, however, were not stolen.

"Whatever they were doing, they kept it to themselves," said Alfred Blair.

Blair lives across the street. He knew the men taken into custody and called them "good guys."

"He used to work on my cars. I've been here eight years and I didn't know a thing. Very shocked," said Blair.

He's shocked because he had no clue a chop shop existed across the street in the fenced-in backyard discovered by police only because of those gun shots.

One of the two men charged with chop shop laws will also be charged with possession of a weapon.

Police tell me the investigation is still on going.


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