Candidate for Benton Co. Sheriff charged with voter fraud

A Mississippi candidate for Benton County Sheriff is in jail just four days before the election.

It all happened in Benton County where multiple arrests and accusations of votes for sale have the community concerned.

If you follow Highway 5 straight into Ashland, Mississippi, there you'll find the heart of Benton County with 6700 registered voters .

Benton County is a tiny place amid large controversy this election season. There are some residents working for one candidate and they're offering cash in return for a vote.

The Mississippi Attorney General's office stepped in and there are seven people under arrest so far.

The men are charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud and their accused of working for candidate Clint Moffitt.

He's running for the Benton County Sheriff's office. And now, he's also charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud and was booked amid a sea of applause from supporters.

They say the charges are false, dismissing his arrest as mearly a setup. Meanwhile, Moffitt's signs still stand.

The election is just days away and inside the courthouse, the staff prepares the voting machines.

In charge of the election, Circuit Clerk Martha Mitchell says election day is still on schedule regardless of ongoing legal unrest.

"I was shocked. I hate it.  It makes us look really bad and I hate it for my county that it had to happen," said Mitchell.

The allegations and arrest shocked a small town struggling with one big issue.

Election Day in Mississippi is this Tuesday, August 7th.

Clint Moffitt is innocent until proven guilty, so he's still on the ballot and can still run for office.


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