Those displaced by Hurricane Katrina feel trapped in trailers

BAKER, La. (AP) - It was bad enough when Hurricane Katrina chased Carrie Lewis out of her assisted-living home in New Orleans.

Now she fears the rest of her life may be spent in the isolation of a federally sponsored trailer park. Because hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed so much affordable housing along the Gulf Coast, Lewis and thousands of others displaced - mainly the poor, elderly and infirm - have nowhere else to go.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provided 120,000 trailers to people displaced from their Gulf Coast homes by the 2005 hurricanes.

Those working to resettle residents believe it will take at least five years to clear the FEMA parks.

About 45-thousand trailers are still occupied in Louisiana, 20-thousand in Mississippi, 17-thousand in Texas and 400 in Alabama.

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