Police investigate deadly car crash

A man is dead after his SUV mysteriously crashed on a dark, two lane road early Sunday morning. Investigators are searching for any of his family members.

The man crashed his SUV into a tree off Macon Road in East Shelby County. However, deputies say the wrecked vehicle wasn't discovered for several hours.

"There was a jogger going down the street and he looked over and saw a ford explorer that had crashed into a tree," said Steve Shular with the Shelby Co. Sheriff's Department.

However, just what caused the crash remains a mystery.

"We just don't know but he just went right off to the road to the left. There are no skid marks on the road way but we tracked the vehicle right after the incident happened we could see where the vehicle when straight off the road - right up an embankment and right into a tree," added Shular.

Investigators are hoping clues left behind will tell them something about the man who died.