Custody battle continues over former state senator's $70,000 Rolex

It's been evidence in John Ford's Tennessee Waltz trial and the Feds are suing to keep it. Now, Ford's ex-wife says she wants the $70,000 rolex watch.

Tamera Mitchell Ford said she needs that money for her children. She has four children with her ex-husband John Ford.

She said the Rolex watch should go to her in lieu of child support and she may get it.

"I am a wife. I am not a paramour and I have legitimate children from him," said Mitchell Ford.

Mitchell Ford insisits the pricey timepiece worn by her ex-husband belongs in her possession. "John said okay this watch. We're going to pledge this watch, just don't take me to court and I said okay John."

But last week the federal goverment launched a lawsuit suing the actual watch insisting it belongs to them since it was obtained illegally.

But that's something that has never been proven in court.

It seems like everyone wants John Ford's rolex watch. John Ford wants it back, the federal government is suing the actual watch and now John Ford's ex-wife says it belongs to her.

"Historically, the rights to take care of a child have predominated over everything else," said political analyst Larry Moore.

Moore is also a college professor and practicing attorney and he said Mitchell Ford's claim holds more weight than the federal government's.

"If he has that kind of property and he has children, that property should go for the benefit of the children. The federal government can't just look at your property and say, well obviously you got that illegally so we own it," Moore added.

Mitchell Ford added, "If the government wants that watch get the watch and turn it over to my children so that they can have whatever legacy is left."

The federal government said Rusty Hyneman gave John Ford the watch in exchange for political favors-- therefore it should be forfeited.

Mitchell Ford said she will file suit to get it. The watch is in the FBI's possesion.


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