South Bluffs residents fight to take back neighborhood

Folks living in one Mid-South community are talking about ways to take back their neighborhood after a brutal home invasion and robbery there.

Residents of the South Bluffs neighborhood are understandably on edge after the home invasion just over a week ago.

They met at the Orpheum to discuss security measures they can take.

A letter was sent out to neighbors letting them know about that violent home invasion. The whole thing has been a wakeup call for South Bluff residents.

"Very angry about what happened to our neighbor. I live 50 yards away. My 6-year-old son saw the perpetrators before it all happened," said neighbor Bill Novick.

It was all enough for South Bluffs residents to take note and action.

Neighbor Don Hutson added, "it was one of those random acts. It had never happened before and its intention to make sure it never happens again"

The group met to come up with some answers about how to make their South Bluffs neighborhood safer.

"We talked about being proactive. We have a neighborhood watch we have a security committee. It is all coming together," said Kevin Kane. "South Bluffs is a gated community. There is a guard house but no guard. Bringing that guard back is one of the things the group discussed," he added.

US Marshalls charged Johnny Tate and his girlfriend, Brenda Robinson with the home invasion, robbery and kidnapping.

The two are accused of tying up an elderly couple then robbing them of $100,000 in jewelry and household items and two Cadillacs.

Joyce Hassell, a former state representative, said the robbers held a gun to her head and her husbands and threatened them.

The elderly couple was not hurt and got most of their possessions back.


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