Tigers West Ready for Fall Football Practice

Now that everybody's pretty much ready for Football, the Memphis Tigers may be MORE ready than ANYONE for practice to begin...

Especially Head Coach Tommy West...

Last year at this time, West opened fall drills coming off Heart bypass surgery...

His presence at customary the early morning practice routine barely hiding the fact he'd had major surgery..

Several key players went under the knife due to injury early in the season...and West performed major surgery on his own club, firing Joe Lee Dunn after game three, and overhauling his defense.

West says,

"I really don't think I was ready for last season and especially the season it turned out to be. I really felt that last season, as bad as it was, we got better as it went along. We finished as a decent team."

With his squad checking in Monday, West hopes there's carryover from the end of last season, one which saw the U of M take C-USA Champion Houston to Overtime, and then go to El Paso and slaughter UTEP 38-to-9.

But, that's not all he's hoping for.

"We gotta find out who's gonna play for us, and then get everybody on the same page...try to teach them how to play together."

The Teaching begins Bright and Early Tuesday Morning, 5:45am, at the Murphy Athletic Complex.

The Tigers First Game is Saturday September 1st against Ole Miss at the Liberty Bowl.