Police investigate double shooting at Memphis apartment complex

Police say they have a person of interest in Monday afternoon's double shooting at a Memphis apartment complex.

That's where detectives say two men were shot near the intersection of Guernsey and Hudson.

Neighbors say another two shootings in their Binghampton neighborhood isn't all that surprising. And they say they want the city to help clean up crime.

If you ask Barbara Joyner, she's not surprised two people were shot right in front of her house.

"They doing their drug business," said Joyner. "This is nothing new," she added.

She said the street is no stranger to crime scene tape. "Somedays they quiet, somedays whatever's going on over there, you can hear them arguing all the time, so no, it's no surprise to me that someone was hurt."

In the apartment complex, out of about 40 units only three are actually lived in.

In fact, the landlord of the apartments abandoned them months ago. So even the three families still living there are squatters. They said they haven't paid rent since February.

Neighbors said one of the biggest contributing factors to crime in the area is there isn't enough code enforcement.

Memphis currently has just 26 code inspectors on staff. Under the new budget they're adding seven more positions. But neighbors said that's still not enough to tackle the problem.

"We're moving soon but now we do what we have to in this type of neighborhood," said Joyner.

Police say both men shot are in stable condition at the MED.