Court ruling leaves Edmund Ford 45 days to vacate funeral home

City Council member Edmund Ford has operated his funeral home and mortuary at a site on Elvis Presley Boulevard for three years. After a judge's ruling  Tuesday, he has 45 days to leave the property.

Ford's landlord, Dennis Churchwell, left general sessions court with his attorney after a judge declared Ford in default on his rent.
Ford is $5,000 behind on his rent, according to the court. Ford filed a lawsuit last month hoping to enforce an agreement with Churchwell to sell him the property and stop the eviction process. Ford agreed to drop the lawsuit Tuesday, clearing the way for Churchwell to force him out.

Dennis Churchwell did not want to comment on the case.  "I've learned to keep my mouth shut," he said. "I let my attorneys do the talking."

Edmund Ford also refused to comment on camera, but said he is trying to buy the property and everything will be okay.

Churchwell was indicted in July for lying to a grand jury that was investigating Ford about whether the councilman got a break on his rent in return for helping Churchwell get permits to store heavy equipment at his business across the street from Ford's mortuary.

Ford is also under indictment for bribery and extortion in connection with his city council seat.

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