UPDATE: Authorities in Arkansas call off search for missing plane

Authorities searched much of the night for the location of an apparent plane crash near Highway 78 and Highway 38 in Hughes, Arkansas.

Officials were originally notified by Air Force personnel that an emergency locator transmitter was emanating from a possibly downed plane.

A large search effort was soon underway in an attempt to located the plane.

Overnight, an EMA official said, the beacon signal was spotted over Harbor Avenue on President's Island.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday night it had received no reports of a plane crash, and the Civil Air Patrol emphasized that only 1 in 12 distress signals from the beacons are the result of an emergency.

The distress beacons are designed to activate when an airplane crashes, but can also be set off by mechanical failure, hard landings and mishandling by pilots or mechanics, the patrol said.

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(The Associated Press contributed to this report)