Victim's family reacts as alleged tattoo parlor murderer is captured

After weeks of on the run, Jeremy Young, the man accused of gunning down a mother of two in a Summer Avenue tattoo shop, is behind bars charged with her death.
Tuesday, her family reacted to the news.

"(It's) taken some stress off knowing that he's behind bars now," said Lynn Duke, mother of the victim, Chiann Gast.

According to Memphis Police, Young shot and killed Gast inside Topshelf Tattoo on Summer Avenue late last month.

Monday, the Memphis Police CrimeStoppers tip line received information about Young.

"This is a perfect example of how the police department and the community come together to get a dangerous person off our streets," said Memphis Police Lt. Joe Scott.
Princeton Price and Talandus McCoy, who were also charged, were captured soon after the murder. Both are considered to be Young's accomplices. A fourth person involved, known only as "Lil' E," has not been captured.

"He's just as guilty as the triggerman because he knew what was going to happen," said Kelly Meeks, a sister of the victim.

Young will face a judge Wednesday morning for an arraignment hearing.

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