Mid-South neighborhoods participate in National Night Out

In neighborhoods Tuesday night throughout Memphis, residents got together for fun, food, and friendly conversation.

"We care about our city, and we need to reclaim our city and be a presence outside," said Central Gardens resident Todd Love.

And that's the goal behind National Night Out.  From Midtown to Harbor Town, families came out from their homes to take back the streets they live on.  Besides food, they shared tips about how watching out can help keep everyone safe.

"If people are alert, they are more likely to see things, hear things, and know what might be suspicious and what might not be," said Alexandria Mobley, an Uptown Neighborhood resident.

Police Director Larry Godwin and Mayor Herenton criss-crossed the city, spreading the word that National Night Out can make a difference.

"If the individuals committing these criminal acts know that they are being watched and they're going to be prosecuted, and that everybody is watching them, they are less likely to do a lot of the things that they are doing today," Godwin said.

According to Godwin, a record number of people, in more than 150 neighborhoods in Memphis, participated in National Night out in 2006.  He hoped 2007's number would be even higher.

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