Mid-South woman convicted of killing 2 children up for parole

The Mid-South woman who mowed down three young boys--killing two of them on their way home from school--is up for parole.

Christina Morgan has served 5 of her 22-year sentence.

Christina Morgan is now 30-years-old and looking much smaller than she did when the crash happened.

She sat in front of the parole review board and admitted drinking the day she ran into three Southwind Middle School students more than five years ago.

"Yes, I did drink and drive," said Morgan.

As family members of the dead  boys listened, Morgan said she had been drinking with a friend all night. "I do not recall any of it. I do  remember leaving my friends house. I don't  remember the accident."

The mother of 12-year-Malcolm Williams will never forget that day.

"When I went out to the scene that day there were three boys who had been knocked out of their shoes. My boy lay there looking like he was asleep. it hurt so bad. It hurt so bad. My life seemed perfect before the crash," said Williams' mother Deborah Jenkins.   

Each stood up one by one to tell the parole board why Christina Morgan should not get out on parole after serving only five years

"To me, five years is not enough for killing two people and injuring a third," said Malcolm Williams Sr.

Morgan ran into the three students killing Malcolm Willliams and Edgar Akpotu and injuring Jake Overzet.

Morgan has made progress while behind bars. She got her GED. She's had alcohol and drug counseling and Bible study.

"I've watched my daughter do a complete turn around," added Wanda Morgan, Christina's mother.

Christina added, "I'm sorry for everything I've put you families through. It does hurt."

It was not enough for two parole board members to vote for parole for Christina Morgan.