Tigers Robinzine Back After Injury

Day two of practice Wednesday morning on the South Campus for the Memphis Tigers.

Still going over basics and shaking off the rust.

One guy truly happy for the early wakeup call is receiver Carlton Robinzine.

The former Bolton High star, who was expected to be a huge part of the U of M's passing game, missed all of last season after suffering a torn ACL early in the first game against Ole Miss.

The 6'4" Robinzine looked for inspiration anywhere he could find it.

"I saw an interview with Kobe Bryant after his knee surgery and he was saying the only thing is going out there and trusting yourself. I'm trying to do that right now. I'm ready for pads, I've been out too long. I was glad to get my helmet back, I was wearing it in the meeting yesterday. I'm just happy, ready for everything to start back."

Tigers ramp up workouts by donning shoulder pads Thursday.