Mid-South man in ICU after Beale St. beat down

We take a closer look at this grainy surveillance video that shows a beatdown on Beale Street. It's one that put a Germantown man in the hospital, and a security guard in police custody.

The security camera that caught the incident was about a football field away from where it happened but it was close enough to capture the take down that landed David Hamilton in critical condition.

The camera is pointed north on third street with Beale on your left.

If you watch the video, on Third St. in the left lane you see two people, the person on the left is a security guard- the person on the right is Dave Hamilton.

As you watch, another security guard comes out from the sidewalk. There are now two security guards on the left side and Hamilton on the right.

It doesn't take long before an exchange occurs ending when one man is thrown to the ground. That person is David Hamilton.

A few minutes later, police, fire and medics arrive and take Hamilton away.

"He had a head injury with bleeding on the brain, concussion, broken rib and just cuts and contusions," said Attorney Stephen King.

King represents David and Jan Hamilton who were downtown celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

King said after dinner at the Peabody they were heading back to the Westin where they were staying when Beale Street Security guard Dray Davis stopped the Hamiltons.

"Mrs. Hamilton has a cup of ice tea with her and he says you can't bring your beverage onto beale street. The hamiltons are still trying to explain we're not going to Beale street we're going to the Westin," added King.

What happened next landed the 51-year-old Germantown man in ICU.

"This is just an isolated incident where the guard felt intimidated," said Darren Fant with Performa Entertainment.

Fant works for the company managing Beale Street. He agrees the security guard used excessive force and went too far but insists it's not the norm.

Fant added, "I think we do a good job we're the largest tourist attraction in the state of tennessee. I mean we're dealing with ten million people a year."

"The fact that she was trying to take a cup of tea back to her hotel room is certainly no reason for a security guard to nearly kill her husband," said King.

Security guard Dray Davis had been on the job just two weeks when this happened. He has an extensive rap sheet as well.

He's facing an aggravated assault charge from this case.


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