Residents say there's something fishy going on in E. Arkansas

Something fishy is happening in Eastern Arkansas, and it's causing quite a stink.

Across the river in Marion, Arkansas a lakefront community is dealing first-hand with the summer drought with the sight and the smell of dead fish.

Roxanne Pruitt can see it from her backyard. It's a sea of dead fish. Thousands of fish everywhere.

There are bass and catfish; some as big as 10 to 15 pounders.

And then, there's the smell.

Debbie Farrow, a Lakeshore Resident, said, "I don't even want to come outside it makes me sick to my stomach."

Behind Farrow's trailer a large group of dead fish block the boat ramp.

According to an investigation by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission the reason for the dead fish is low oxygen levels.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said due to the drought like conditions the water level in the lake has dropped four to six feet.

So, there's less water which means there's not enough oxygen to go around for all the fish. And that's why they're dying.

Lee Holt with the Commission said the fish kill is not unusual. When you have high temperatures and very little rain the fish starve for oxygen.

Holt said he's comfortable with the findings of his investigation and doesn't suspect it's anything else.

So, what do you do with all the dead fish? Pruitt said she was told to go around with a garbage bag and pick them up.

The fish will decompose by next week. The smell will be gone too. The dead fish are harmless but it's important to wash your hands if you touch them.

And, if you have any crazy ideas to take the fish home to eat it, don't do it. They've been dead for days and likely have bacteria.


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