Memphis Police run into trouble while responding to stabbing

Memphis Police got more than they bargained for while responding to a stabbing overnight.

Officers were initially dispatched to the intersection of Park and Raymond, in Orange Mound, on a stabbing call.

When police arrived they found a 45 year-old man stabbed in the stomach. The man was rushed to The MED in critical condition.

While investigators were looking for witnesses to the stabbing, they found a man who was wanted for a burglary.  When police attempted to take the man into custody, he fought back.

At least three officers, including two female officers, fought the man in an attempt to handcuff him, while another stepped in and kneeled on his legs.  Another officer, on the ground with the man, wrapped his arms around the man's neck.

Officers were eventually able to get the man into the back of a squad car.

The man, later identified as Damon Garner, was taken to 201 Poplar and charged with resisting arrest.

The stabbing victim, who has not yet been identified, remained hospitalized Tuesday afternoon.

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