MY TURN: Security on Beale Street

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

The Beale Street entertainment district is supposed to be a fun place, and for millions of people every year, it is. But not for Collierville resident David Hamilton and his wife, who were trying to celebrate their wedding anniversary last Friday night. Hamilton suffered a skull fracture and broken ribs in an altercation with a security guard.

The courts ultimately will decide whether there was any justification for what happened, but this much is clear already: The man who hurt Hamilton should not have been hired as a security guard in the first place. He has a prior arrest record that includes theft and unlawful possession of a weapon.

I'm sure it's not easy being a security guard in a place like Beale Street, but that's all the more reason why the security guards who are hired to work there need to be top-notch people. The Beale Street business community needs to move quickly on this. Their security measures are supposed to make people feel safer, and that's not the way many people are feeling after this incident.

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