Beheaded rattlesnake bite hospitalizes man

PROSSER, Wash. (AP) - There's plenty of poison left in a rattlesnake's mouth, even if someone has separated the head from the body.

Danny Anderson found that out the hard way.

Monday night, a 5-foot rattlesnake slithered onto his property, about 50 miles from Yakima, Washington. He and his son pinned it with a pipe and cut off its head with a shovel. When the 53-year-old Anderson reached down to pick up the head, he says it did a backflip and bit his finger.

It's a good thing his wife insisted they go to the hospital because by the time they got there, his tongue was swollen and the venom was spreading.

A fish-and-wildlife biologist says it was probably a reflex action by the snake.

Anderson says if it happens again, no more picking the head up. He says he'll bury the snake right there.

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