Family of murdered Code Enforcement Officer sues killer

In April, Mickey Wright's family was outraged when the District Attorney made a deal with his confessed killer. Now, the family wants to sue Dale Mardis.

Attorney's say they're getting organized for a highly emotional case.

The video and sound are still heart-wrenching. It shows a family upset and angry after Dale Mardis pleaded guilty to second degree murder and sentenced to 15 years for killing and dismembering Shelby County Code Enforcement Officer Mickey Wright.

The focus now shifts to the Wright's civil case.

"Oh nothing is over at all. In fact, this just kind of clears up things," said Wright Family Attorney Jason Whitworth. "What we're doing is streamlining and getting to the parties that we think are responsible."

Streamlining involves dropping names from the lawsuit.

Dale Mardis' brother-in-law's name was dropped. But, a civil suit is still pending against Dale and Patsy Mardis.

There's also another still pending against Shelby County.

Whitworth added, "it's with the family for the rest of their lives. So it's something they think about on a daily basis and continue to deal with."

Whitworth argues the 15 year sentence is not enough. Adding the Wright's deserve something for their pain and suffering. "The widow deserves compensation for it."

"We can't bring a person back. The best that our system can do is award money damages. We think that's a valid pursuit in this case," said Whitworth.

Whitworth said that it's still possible that others could be named in the lawsuits.


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