Security and police control crowd and craziness on Beale

It's been one week since a Beale Street Security guard beat up a Collierville man putting him in critical condition.

That security guard has been charged with aggravated assault. Winston security remains in charge of the street and Memphis police officers are assisting with crowd control.

On a Friday night Beale Street draws large crowds and craziness. Security and police were on hand keeping control and order.

Last Friday, Beale Street security guard Dray Davis was charged with aggravated assault after investigators say he slammed David Hamilton to the ground.

Hamilton was not even on Beale but walking on 3rd apparently en route to his hotel while celebrating his wedding anniversary.

Since the beating, numerous accusations of other physical confrontations have come to light. And with that comes more questions about the security company on Beale and its methods.

"Winston security does a great job on Beale Street," said Darren Fant with Performa Entertainment.

Beale's management company Performa said earlier this week Winston Security is the best fit. Fant added, "We actually hired on in the beginning part of this year a different security company they couldn't handle it they could provide the consistent guards every week, the right number of guards."

With Beale considered a private street, private security is expected to remain along with a police presence. But security methods could be modified in light of recent events.

It's hard to tell if there are new methods in place but everything seems very calm and cool one week later.

David Hamilton has been upgraded to good condition. He remains at Methodist University Hospital.


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