Church members pray for new Southwind High School

Students, parents, and teachers spent most of Sunday getting ready for Monday morning, when Memphis and Shelby County go back to school.

While there are some finishing touches still necessary, school officials say the Southwind campus is ready, the building is functional and that class will start bright and early.

Sunday afternoon, a large group of people gathered on the outskirts of the campus of the new Southwind High School.

The group, consisting of members of some of the school district's churches, spent time praying that the coming school year would be a positive one.

Church members said they were excited about having a new high school, and offered support in making the new school a success.

"Prayer is the beginning of it," said Marcus Walker of New Growth Christ Christian Center.  "So this is actually a show of us being able to get together and work together, so we can help the school, help the community, help the families that are involved with Southwind High School."

Though construction equipment still lines portions of the Southwind campus, school officials say the campus is ready for school to start Monday.

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