Collierville business owner hopes security video will catch thieves

Burglars broke into a Collierville computer store, getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise.

However, the store's owner said, they may not get too far. Billy Patton, owner of Patton Computers and Electronics, recently put up nearly a dozen surveillance cameras in his store.

Because of this, Patton said, police have video of the break-in in progress.

Patton is missing about a dozen very expensive computers. "Basically threw a wrench through a plate glass window hopped in through the window and proceeded to jerk the secured laptops out of their security devices," said Patton.

"They also brought in bolt cutters to cut the chains but when the sirens went off they had to leave in a hurry," Patton added.

However, Patton said what the burglars left behind were enough pictures to give investigators a good idea of what they look like.

Sunday morning was not the first time burglars broke into Patton's store. The first time was three weeks ago and he said cameras show it was the same two suspects.

"On the 14th of July they took a plasma, two plasma televisions, about seven to eight big monitors, $800 to $900 monitors and about 15 to 17 laptops," Patton explained.

Patton said the video from that first robbery was dark and hard to make out but in this latest robbery the store's lights were on.

Patton added, "We've left our lights on at night so that our cameras catch excellent video. Someone will recognize them."

The burglars even appear to be wearing the same clothes in both break-ins. Patton feels their days on the run are numbered.

If you recognize the guys in the video at Patton Computers and electronics call Collierville Crime Stoppers at 901-457-CASH.


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