Memphis and Shelby County students head back to class

In just a few hours, students and teachers in Memphis and Shelby County will go back to school. And even those who don't have kids will still be affected by those first-day traffic snags.

5th grader Luke Mitchell's on the fence but his father Andrew couldn't be happier.

"Yes, yes. It's exciting, especially for us. It's a break," said Mitchell.

You won't find much tiptoeing in Target where the back-to-school aisle drew quite a crowd. "We've been having some real high traffic," said Target team leader Don Russell.

Buyers there picked through pens, highlighters and markers. "Especially when the kids are getting back into school. So it's typical for us. So we prepare for it," added Russell.

While some scramble around for school supplies, construction crews scramble around one brand-new Shelby County Campus.

Although Southwind High School requires some finishing touches, the principal says students should show up ready for class.

"They're to expect to be excited about what's going to happen in this building. We are looking forward to their success in the classroom. On the playing fields. On the stages," said Principal Linda Patterson.

Expectations rise as the sun does the same. Summer's over and school is in session.

Between the Shelby County School System and the Memphis City School System, nearly 165,000 students are heading to school in less than 12 hours.


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