McCoy Looking For Return to the Field

It looked like any other kickoff return...but it didn't take long to realize something was terribly wrong...

"All I remember is, running the ball, catching it and all of the sudden, I was going to make a cut upfield and the last minute, I seen a guy down low and all the sudden my knee went numb. After that, it just got silent, the crowd went quiet."

Quiet, as Tiger Receiver Antonio McCoy lay on the field, his leg in what can only be described as an unnatural position...

"I never had an injury like that. I thought my leg was broken. I got to the hospital and they said i had a dislocated knee, and me not knowing ligaments or anything, I thought I could just come right back cause I had no clue what went on."

What's followed is three surgeries and months of rehab to repair ligament damage that could ended his football career.

The goal is to not only to have a fully functioning knee, but get back on the football field.

"I'm gonna keep my mind focused and I'm gonna come back and do what I can for the team."

For now, McCoy must play the role of mentor from the sidelines.

"It's hard, cause like seeing them out there doing the things they do and some of the things they do, I can do. There's a lot of stuff that the young guys, if I was out there, I could teach them. They could look at me and get a better understanding of what's going on."

Look for number 9 on a field near you in Spring of 2008.