Keeping Elvis alive

35,000 square feet of Elvis memorabilia filled the Cook Convention Center; it's the Elvis Expo and it's part of Elvis week.

There was music and movies, crazy inventions and of course--the clothes. Some of Elvis' backup singers and co-stars were in attendance.

It's been said that "Before Anyone Did Anything, Elvis Did Everything" and when it comes to keeping the King current there are plenty of ways he's "Taking Care of Business."

When you're Elvis Presley, it's not hard to get action.

Kevin Kern heads the Public Relations side of Elvis Presley Enterprises and he says there are plenty of people looking to keep the King current. "The fact is, we are sometimes the prettiest person at the party. We are Elvis Presley, and we get a lot of invitations to become a licensee to produce a product."

The products range from candy cups--like the new Reese's Limited Edition to Eye candy.

This year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition brought bikinis to Graceland mansion.

"We examine each request that comes through and we try to say 'What should we do with this request?' And we kinda sat back and said 'Elvis would probably like this," added Kern.

And his fans sure did. The magazine sold more than 67 million copies in the United States alone.

American Idol also introduced new fans to the Elvis empire. "These are various ways that folks are being re-introduced to Elvis, discovering Elvis," added Kerns.

Added Kerns, "I think what a lot of people are surprised by is that we do have a lot of young fans that are interested in Elvis Presley."

You see a side of Elvis you may have never seen before during Action News 5's prime-time special this week Live from Graceland Wednesday night at 7:00.


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