"It's so hot..."

Fill out the form above to let us know how hot you think it is.  Simply complete the sentence: "It's so hot..."

We'll post the most creative answers on this page!

(Note: only submissions of a "family friendly" nature will be posted.)


"It's so hot..."

"...my dog has become potty trained to keep it from going outside to use it."

"...you can eat rib-eye on the hoof!"

"...sweat is rolling like the river!"
-Lynn, Memphis

"...my sundae melted into a Friday."
-Tyrone Williams, Memphis

"...that car salesman are selling the leather seat option as part of the vehicles anti-theft system."
-Daniel Washington

08-16-07 Submissions:

"It's so hot..."

"...the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground."
-Tammy, Selmer

"...I saw a polar bear at the barber shop."
-Kenneth Kilgore, Cincinnati

"...my thermometer is like the Starship Enterprise: It has 'Gone to where to thermometer has gone before!'"
-Woody, Memphis

08-15-07 Submissions:

"It's so hot..."

"...the cows are giving us evaporated milk!"
-Matt Buehler, Sugar Hill, Georgia

"...that people are taking turns standing in each other's shadow."
-Amy, Memphis

"...the potatoes cook underground and all you have to do to have lunch is pull one out and add butter, salt, and pepper!"
-Stephen, Cordova

"...I saw a dog chasing a rabbit, and they were both walking!"
-Esther, Germantown

"...when the temperature dropped to 95 overnight, I felt a bit chilly!"
-George P., Jackson

"...I've discovered it only takes two fingers to drive a car!"
-Mary Stone, Birmingham

"...I realize that asphalt has a liquid state."
-Jerry, Memphis

"...hot water is coming out of both taps!"
-Becky, Southaven

08-14-07 Submissions:

"It's so hot..."

"...I have to buy ice for my pool to cool off!"
-Sandra, Bartlett

"...that my Orville Reddenbachers popped on the way home."
-Mike Patton, Cordova

"...that ice cream will be a milkshake as soon as you leave the grocery store."
-John Gillum, Grand Junction

"...the devil moved to the South Pole for the summer."
-Jonathan Barron

"...that the Elvis polyester jumpsuit and big plastic glasses are in danger of melting!"
-Melissa Stevens, Bartlett

"...that Elvis thought he would wait until next year to rise again!"
-Melissa Stevens, Bartlett

"...that the devil sent me two air conditioners by FedEx with a message attached saying, 'You have my sympathy!'"
-Jennifer Neal

"...that people who live in Phoenix are coming here on vacation to cool off."
-Barbara Alcala, Olive Branch

"...that I might as well move back to Phoenix."
-Barbara Alcala, Olive Branch

"...that walking from my car, I moved like a thief in the night, looking for some shade!"
-G. Alexander

"...eggs can be fried on a tin roof!"
-Donnie, Ripley

"...I can fry eggs on the asphalt in front of my shop."
-Jim Trenthem

"...my clothes are wetter AFTER I've worn them than they are coming right out of the washer!"
-Karen, Olive Branch


08-13-07 Submissions:

"It's so hot..."

"...that the devil came up for a visit, but decided to go back where it's cooler."
-Keith, Marked Tree

"...that even people in Memphis could care less about an election when their shoes are melting in the streets.
-Rob Meister

"...the Lincoln Memorial is wearing Bermuda shorts!"
-Bonnie Leathers, Toone, TN

"......it's so hot that "cookout" has taken on a new meaning in the Mid South.
-Debbie Childress

"....it is so hot that when I breathe I feel like a dragon blowing hot air.
-Gregg Austin from Bartlett

"....that you have planned a family vacation to Death Valley, CA.
-Brad, Memphis

".....I met a worm who wanted me to take him fishing!
Harry, Oakland