Some parents worry over county school annexation

Thousands of Mid-South children went back to school Monday. But for some, a new school year brings uncertainty about the future.

As the sun rose on this first day of school, faculty members reported for duty for the very first day of classes at Southwind High School.

Students and parents were not far behind. "I think its a great opportunity to have a brand new school in the neighborhood," said Terrence Banks.

About 1,000 ninth and tenth graders will be the first Southwind Jaguars. Among them is Bridgette Bland's daughter.

"Just hoping everything will go smoothly and that they have everything together as far as the curriculum," said Bland.

While many are excited about going to a new school, many parents are worried that the school will be annexed from the Shelby County School System to the Memphis City School System before their child graduates.

Annette Gavin said she's praying the school remains a county school. "This is my third child and they've all been in the county school system and I like the county school system."

District Spokesperson Mike Tebbe assures parents Southwind will live up to the county's academic reputation. "If you have strong parental involvement pushing their children to success. You have wonderful administrators and teachers you have a great formula for success."

Annexation is far from the districts mind because, there is still work to be done. Construction on the 11th and 12th grade areas won't be finished until July 2008.


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