Police find dead fetus at home of Northaven woman

For the second time in less than a year, police found a dead fetus at the home of a Northaven woman.

Now, the Shelby County Medical Examiner wants to know the whereabouts of the third child, after discovering two umbilical cords, but only one body.

It is all a mystery to investigators. Last year, the Northaven woman was charged with reckless homicide but that was reduced to abuse of a corpse involving a dead fetus.

A year later, the 21-year-old woman is dealing with another dead baby.

Friday, Sierra Williams called paramedics to her Northaven home after she had a baby that appeared to be stillborn.

"Our deputies arrived on the scene and found the baby dead in the bathroom," said Steve Shular, spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

The fetus and placenta were taken to the Medical Examiner's office. "The Medical Examiner called and said, 'where is the second baby'," added Shular.

Williams said there was no second baby. But the medical report said there are two umbilical cords- one cut and one torn.

Deputies searched Williams' house inside and out, and used a cadaver dog, but a second fetus was not found.

A year ago another fetus was discovered. Williams admitted putting that fetus ina plastic bag then burying it in her backyard.

A neighbor's dog dug it up and dragged to the driveway.

Williams was charged with abuse of a corpse in that case and was released on bond. But now, with the discovery of a second fetus and the belief there is a third one, prosecutors asked the court to revoke Williams bond.

"We were concerned that given the circumstances and this is being investigated. She might be a flight risk," said District Attorney Bill Gibbons.

Leslie Ballin, Williams attorney, said she did not know she was pregnant. "I've been advised there was a recent medical examination of my client and the pregnancy was not detected," said Ballin.

The medical examiner said the fetus was five pounds.

No charges have been filed in this latest case. A hearing is set for later this month to deal with the bond revocation prosecutors want.

For now, Williams is out on bond.


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