Arlington High School Wins a National Championship

The new Arlington High School in Northeast Shelby County is just starting its' first year as a full 4-Year institution...

But, already the school can lay claim to a National Trap Shooting!

You heard right..

They come out at all different directions and pretty much go wherever.

It's not football, baseball, basketball, but these students at Arlington High School have found something they love to.

Arlington is one of 9 schools in Shelby County who is on a growing list of Trap shooting programs.

Shooter Kurt Simmons says:

"It's Only the 2nd year for us and 3rd in Shelby County. It took some doing a lot of support. But its growing. Tennessee right now is the number one shooting state in the country right now."

And His Arlington Trappers are masters at it, recently beating out winning the high school National championship in Sparta Illinois.

They beat out 103 other teams and some 6,000 people.!

Shooter Taylor Garrison says:

"Yeah a lot of people are talking about getting them. It feels good winning we have been getting a lot of attention. Everybody has been congratulating us."

Teammate Cody Cochran had no idea what to expect when he started.

"I basically got into it through hearing about it from my friends. I had never shot a gun before so it was a first time experience."

Says teammates Keaton Irving:

"I always liked hunting and started shooting clays before I knew there was going to be a team."

"Its not exactly easy of cheap for that matter. The kids pay $1,700 a year to be on the team. But they are hoping it will pay off big time in form of a scholarship."

Ron Lollar of Shelby School Board likes the opportunities the sport gives students.

"It's just a great intense program that will eventually lead to scholarships because many of the universitys are offering them."

For now, these high schoolers are satisfied being National Champions.