Caught on tape: Mother beats child at Wal-Mart in Phoenix

The 10-year-old boy was screaming, telling his mother to stop.

She didn't, according to witnesses who saw the abuse at a Phoenix area Wal-Mart up close.

Some of them even took a picture of the beating on their cell phones.

The child, Carlos Baca, was shopping with his mother Tina Tatum and his grandmother on Sunday, August 13th.

Witnesses said Tatum punched her son with a closed fist, hit him in the back, stomach, and arms and then proceeded to drag him outside to the Wal-Mart parking lot .
Shortly after that, calls flooded the police dispatch center reporting the abuse.

It turns out Tatum went to prison in 2005 for child abuse.

Her 3-month-old son died in 2003 after her then-boyfriend Pedro Peralta shook the infant to death.

Peralta plead guilty to first degree murder in that death and a second baby's death nine months later.

Witnesses in the store also reportedly caught Carlos' grandmother grabbing him by the hair and pulling him out of the store.

Both women are under investigation.

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