Dedicated phone line established to help residents handle the hot weather

Shelby County officials are doing what they can to help residents deal with the heat.

A handful of people inside the Shelby County Administration Building have been answering phones from citizens needing any kind of help dealing with the hot weather.

All people need to do is dial 545-HEAT to be connected.

People calling are needing fans or air conditioners, or family members simply concerned about someone who may be suffering from heat-related issues can call the line for help and advice.
James Nelson, who oversees the Heat Hotline, said Thursday they've received more than a 100 calls in the last 24-hours.
Nelson said it's been a steady flow of calls all day.

"We'll continue to do it as long as the heat wave is here," he said. "As long as it's at 100 or above, we'll continue to do this."

Nelson said the phone lines acts as a surrogate for various agencies like the Aging Commission and MLGW.

So far, they've given out 150 fans and 20 air conditioner units, both of which callers must qualify for.