West Memphis doctor accused of writing bogus prescriptions

Dr. James Miller's family practice office is located in a West Memphis building. The city's police chief says a lot of Miller's patients seemed to have the same symptoms that required a pain killer called Hydrocodone in cough syrup. According to Chief Bob Paudert "all of them had lower back pain and a cough. Every single one we stopped."

Paudert said he started getting complaints from doctors and nurses who worked in the area. They told police they saw a nearby parking lot fill up with cars, three to four people in each vehicle. They said the cars drove across the bridge from Memphis in order to get prescriptions for Hydrocodone.

Chief Paudert also said the people in the cars had three and four prescriptions a piece, and they were getting them filled and then selling the drugs.

Paudert sent an undercover officer into Dr. Miller's office. The officer managed to get a prescription for Hydrocodone even though there was nothing wrong with him. According to Chief Paudert pharmacies in at least two Mid-South stores filled thousands of prescriptions. "One store in Memphis wrote several thousand scripts in eight months and one in West Memphis did several thousand." Paudert says those stores started to refuse to fill any more of the prescriptions.

The state of Arkansas is continuing its investigation of Dr. James Miller and the DEA also has what the West Memphis police department uncovered.

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