Lucky cat survives 18-story fall out apartment window

(NBC NEWSCHANNEL) - A cat in Chicago is recovering after falling out of an 18-story window.
Now, the cat's owner, who's is a soldier serving in Iraq, is worried about how he will pay for the vet bills.

Maxim, a black and white kitty with piercing yellow eyes, took quite a fall from a Chicago hi-rise.

Maxim managed to claw open a window screen, tumbling 18 stories to the ground below.

Construction workers found the cat and rushed him to a humane society.  They sent him to the animal emergency center in Northbrook for help.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Aaron Jackson said the cat's, "injuries were potentially severe. Lucky for him he's a large cat."

Dr. Jackson says the 18 story fall left Maxim with several broken bones. He put metal plates and pins in Maxim's shoulder and pelvis.

The cat will have staples for several weeks and wear a special patch for pain, but he's expected to be back on his paws in no time.

Over in Iraq, Sergeant Matthew Barkmeier never expected his pet back home in Chicago would be the one to have battle scars.

This soldier, who's given so much, is now wondering how he will to pay the unexpected $3,000 vet bill.