Attorneys in trooper murder case hire private eye

One of the men accused in the murder of a Tennessee Highway Trooper said he can't get a fair trial.

Investigators said the two young men shot and killed Trooper Calvin Jenks during a January traffic stop in Tipton County. On Friday, the defense presented its case on a change of venue.

Attorneys for Orlando Garcia want his murder trial moved out of Tipton County. And they hired a private eye to make their point.

Publicity surrounding the murder of trooper Calvin Jenks is raising questions about whether murder suspect Orlando Garcia can get a fair trial in Tipton County.

"It was also the death of a very well respected law enforcement officer," said Private Investigator Ronald Lax.

To support their change of venue request, Garcia's attorneys sent Lax out into the community. When Lax surveyed 91 people, 87 percent of them said they were familiar with the case.

But only twenty-one percent thought the trial should be moved.

"He is a very well known and very respected investigator and his work is highly regarded," said Garcia's attorney, William Massey.

Garcia is one of two men charged with fatally shooting Calvin Jenks after the state trooper pulled over their car on Highway 14.

Evidence suggests the other man in the car, Alejandro Guana, was the mastermind behind a premeditated drug run and shooting.

There's no doubt that Guana was the one that shot this trooper, Guana was the one who was running things and Guana was the one that had everything to lose.

Using public perception as leverage, Garcia's attorneys hope public opinion will convince the judge to either move Garcia's trial, or bring in jurors from somewhere other than Tipton County.

The judge will review the motions filed and come back with a decision in about two weeks. Calvin Jenks family is hoping he will deny the request to move Garcia's trial.

On Saturday part of a Tennessee highway will be dedicated in honor of Trooper Calvin Jenks. It will be officially named Trooper Calvin Wayne Jenks Memorial Highway.

Trooper Jenks grew up in that part of the state.


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