MLGW helps those who can't afford to keep cool

While many of us take air-conditioning for granted, some live without it. But during this time of excessive and dangerous heat, the folks at Memphis, Light, Gas and Water are helping those who can't afford it.

The utility company is installing more than 200 air-conditioning window units for free for those who need it.

We caught up with MLGW crews Friday afternoon installing a window unit for a woman who lives in Raleigh.

Glen Thomas with MLGW says they're installing about 20 a day. They hope to have them all in by next week. "So far, people seem very grateful. Obviously still very hot out there and homes without air conditioning feel like an oven. We think this will really make a difference in terms of comfort," adds Thomas.

Now, even though these units are free, there is a price to pay down the road.

Customers are being told the air conditioning unit is an electrical appliance so, their utility bill will likely go up by $30 or $40 a month.