Good Samaritan makes streets of Memphis a little safer

Downtown Memphiis is far more than just a tourist attraction as one man turned his trip into a crime fighting mission, literally running down bad news.

And the streets of downtown Memphis are slightly safer, now thanks to the Good Samaritan.

"We witnessed a man beating another man with a two-by-four," said Brian Van Horn.

Van Horn, a tourist from Benton, Kentucky was in Memphis on vacation driving down the street when he noticed a couple being mugged.

Van Horn stopped his car, jumped out and stepped in giving chase when the attacker started running.

The chase that began on Second Street all ended on Linden Avenue where Van Horn finally caught up.

Memphis Police caught up, too, and arrested a man identified only as Jimmy Murphy.

We asked Van Horn why all the effort, "it was reactionary and I just felt like if it were me, would I want somebody to help," said Van Horn.

Of course anything to help make Memphis slightly safer.


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